Governance and Insight Manager

Posted on 06 October 22 by Liam Parmenter

  • Remote
  • 34000 - 36000 per Annum

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Job Description

level= are proud to be supporting UK Deaf Sport in their search for a Governance and Insight Manager.

To access the BSL translation link, please click here:

UK Deaf Sport is the leading organisation for deaf sports in the UK. Their vision is Every Deaf Person Active and Inspired by Sports and Physical Activity. They provide support, raise awareness for fairness and campaign for deaf people, ensuring equal opportunities in sport and physical activity. Its mission is for more deaf people to participate in sports throughout their lives and more deaf athletes to perform on the world stage.

The Governance and Insight Manager will be responsible for working with internal and external stakeholders to ensure UK Deaf Sport meets all governance requirements; analysing and presenting data related to deaf sport; and evaluating the quality and impact of UK Deaf Sport and its programmes. 

Please note:
  This is a part-time, home-based role working 22.5 hours (3 days) per week.

Governance and Insight Manager Responsibilities:

  • Evaluate and ensure UK Deaf Sport meets all requirements against the Code for Sport Governance and lead improvement activity.
  • Oversee and lead all risk management and quality assurance processes across UK Deaf Sport and its programmes, including maintaining Risk Registers and producing Risk Reports for the Board.
  • Ensure UK Deaf Sport has the required organisational policies and processes in place to ensure compliance with appropriate legislation and lead their development where required.
  • Implement a quality assurance framework and lead all quality assurance and impact activities related to UK Deaf Sport and the delivery of its programmes.
  • Collate, analyse and interpret data, and produce governance, quality, evaluation, impact and research reports, and collate information on the participation of deaf people in sport.
  • Ensure appropriate safeguarding and risk management policies and procedures are in place across UK Deaf Sport and its Members.

Governance and Insight Manager Person Specification:

  • Knowledge in leading an organisation’s governance, quality and/or insight management function.
  • Knowledge of risk management and control methodologies and their successful application.
  • Excellent information management, research and analytical skills and able to communicate findings to different audiences.
  • Ability to review and implement core organisational policies and processes including safeguarding.
  • Excellent organisational and communication skills, attention to detail and understanding of inclusive and accessible communication.  
  • Ability to use own initiative, plan ahead and work accurately to tight deadlines, and to prioritise.
  • Excellent negotiation and presentation skills.
  • Ability to travel and work independently.

The Package:

  • Basic salary:  £36,000 per annum (Pro Rata).
  • Flexible, part-time, home-based working.


To apply for this role, you will need to first register your interest by submitting your CV. Your CV will only be used for information purposes and will not be relevant in the application process. You will then be emailed a response containing a link needed to answer some work-related questions. Our goal is to assess your approach to a problem and better understand what knowledge and skills you have. Your answers will be anonymised, randomised and reviewed by a diverse panel.

We also think giving feedback is incredibly valuable for candidates, so at the end of the process, you'll see how well you performed during the application process.

The closing date for applications is Monday 31st October 2022 at 5pm
, and the deadline for submission of the work-related questions is Wednesday 2nd November 2022 at 5pm.

UK Deaf Sport encourage applicants who are from underrepresented groups, across protected characteristics, as they value the benefits of a diverse pool of applicants to find the best candidate. Lived experience of deafness would be highly beneficial. If you require a BSL interpreter, or have other accessibility needs, please advise and we will make the necessary arrangements.

UK Deaf Sport uses the term ‘deaf’ in this job description to cover a range of potential definitions of deafness, including those who are profoundly deaf, have significant hearing loss or are hard of hearing. It is acknowledged that definitions and understanding of Deaf and deafness can be complex. Within the deaf community there are perceptions around the level of deafness where some who are completely deaf consider themselves to be different compared to those with hearing loss. This also includes the use of the terms Deaf and deaf whereby the use of a capital D in Deaf can denote those who identify as having a cultural and shared experience of being Deaf, usually with profound or little hearing and may use sign language, whereas the use of lowercase d in deaf can refer to those who have both a significant hearing loss or are hard of hearing.

Job Information

Rate / Salary

34000 - 36000


Leisure and Sport


Not Specified

Skills / Experience

Knowledge of governance frameworks; Analytical thinking; Excellent organisational and communication skills


Flexible, part-time, home-based working

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